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Access to our members-only pages is limited to Caucus members.   Our Members Area includes an archive of the Harvard Gay & Lesbian Newsletter for the past few years and an archive of our monthly E-Newsletter. We also cover noteworthy topics such as Overseer and HAA Director candidates’ responses to our questionnaire, June reunion GLBT gatherings, and the report of our Long-Range Planning Committee. In addition there is a section on Caucus history and a section on our members survey.
If you click on any of the sub-menus to the right, you will be asked for the Members Area user name and password.  If you are a current member and do not know them, please log in to our Online Membership Directory, then follow the link to the "Members Only Area" on the main menu. If you are a member or are eligible for membership, but are not a registered user of the Online Membership Directory, we invite you to sign up at the link above. You may update your own information and see information that our members have authorized to be disclosed to over 2,300 other members. In addition, you can also choose to join e-mail lists that cater to a variety of interests and locales.

Even if you are not eligible for membership, you may see information that over 800 of our members have chosen to make public.

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